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How much does it cost to get married in Denmark?

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Mandatory fee

Looking to get married in Denmark? The process may seem daunting, but it can be a fast and affordable solution for many couples. However, there are certain requirements and documents needed for getting married in Denmark. In addition to personal documents, couples must now also provide evidence of their relationship to receive approval from Danish authorities.

One of the most important aspects of getting married in Denmark is the price. The mandatory fee for reviewing documents is 1900 Danish kroner, which is approximately 260 euros. This payment must be made at the beginning of the process and is non-refundable, even if the Danish Agency for Family Law denies the marriage. Additionally, the cost of an apostille must be added to the total price. For countries outside the EU, the apostille stamp on the Danish marriage certificate is mandatory for further legalization of the marriage. The stamp is inexpensive and can be obtained immediately after the wedding. If the wedding registration office is not in Copenhagen, postal expenses must also be considered.

So, if you are interested in getting married in Denmark, make sure to have all the necessary documents and evidence of your relationship, and don't forget to factor in the required fees, including the mandatory 1900 Danish kroner review fee and the cost of an apostille.

Please note that all the payments mentioned above can be made only using bank cards or bank transfers.

Although it may seem easy and affordable, people still turn to agencies for getting married in Denmark.

First and foremost, it's because of convenience. You can entrust everything to professionals and focus on other things, like preparing for your trip to Denmark.

We will take care of agreements, paperwork, and handle all the details from start to finish. Our prices are transparent and quoted per couple. We do not impose any additional services - couples are free to decide what suits them in any given situation.

You will be satisfied because you will definitely save time and nerves - you won't need to beg for documents from bureaucratic institutions or search for answers about classic and same-sex marriages in Denmark on forums. With our help, the process of collecting, submitting documents and obtaining permission to get married in Denmark will be easy and stress-free.

If you haven't found the answers to your questions, please write to us or call us, we may be able to help

Choose your package

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FAST MARRIAGE IN DENMARK / The wedding date is immediately after approval

EUR 990.00 (+260 danish fee)

- Personalized list of documents,

- Verification and correction of documents,

- Submission of documents to the Danish court,

- Obtaining permission to marry,

- Reservation of the desired wedding date,

- Provision of all necessary information about the location, time, and procedure of the wedding ceremony.

STANDARD MARRIAGE IN DENMARK / The wedding date is within 30-60 days after receiving the permit

EUR 495.00 (+260 danish fee)

Includes all services listed in FAST package

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START EXPERT / Package designed for couples who wants to control the process

EUR 300.00

- Phone consultation - up to 60 minutes

- List of required documents + detailed information on the standards of the Danish Agency of Family Law

- Documents review and corrections

- Assistance in choosing the civil registry office

- Access to the online marriage application

Getting married in Denmark is possible for anyone who complies with Danish marriage laws. At our agency, we handle all document preparation, marriage license acquisition, and booking of a date, providing our clients with a comprehensive service.

Our prices are transparent, and we don't impose any additional services, leaving the choice to the couples. With our help, there is no need to worry about the necessary documents and requirements, especially for those with poor language skills in German, English, or Danish. We can also offer customized pricing based on individual plans.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us - we're always available.

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Addicional service

APOSTILLE on marriage certificate.

EUR 190.00

The price includes standard delivery to the addressee.

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About Apostille

Apostille on Danish Marriage Certificate: A Comprehensive Guide for International Use

When getting married in Denmark, couples from around the world can enjoy a simple and efficient process. However, if you plan to use your Danish marriage certificate abroad, you may need to obtain an apostille. This article aims to provide a detailed understanding of the apostille process on a Danish marriage certificate and its significance for international use.

Understanding the Apostille Process

- What is an Apostille? An apostille is an official certification attached to a document, such as a marriage certificate, to verify its authenticity for international use. It is recognized by countries that are part of the Hague Convention, which includes more than 100 nations worldwide.

- Why is an Apostille Required? Obtaining an apostille on your Danish marriage certificate is crucial to ensure its validity and acceptance abroad. Many countries require an apostille to authenticate documents, such as for legal purposes, visa applications, name changes, or registering a marriage in another country.

Importance of Apostille on a Danish Marriage Certificate

Ensuring Document Authenticity

By obtaining an apostille on your Danish marriage certificate, you are ensuring its authenticity in the eyes of foreign authorities. The apostille serves as proof that the document was issued by the competent Danish authority and is valid for use in countries that recognize the Hague Convention.

International Acceptance

An apostille on your Danish marriage certificate increases the likelihood of its acceptance in foreign jurisdictions. Without an apostille, your marriage certificate may not be recognized as valid, which could cause complications for legal processes, such as visa applications, name changes, or registration of marriage abroad.

Simplifying Document Processes

Having an apostille on your Danish marriage certificate simplifies the document authentication process. It eliminates the need for further legalization steps in the country where you plan to use the certificate. This saves time, effort, and potential costs associated with additional document processing requirements.


Obtaining an apostille on your Danish marriage certificate is a vital step if you plan to use it abroad. By following the process outlined in this guide, you can ensure the authenticity and acceptance of your document in countries that recognize the Hague Convention. Remember to contact the Danish authority responsible for issuing apostilles for the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding the process, fees, and processing times.


EXPRESS BODA does not cover the costs for:

- translation of necessary documents,

- payment for the services of an interpreter,

- the way to the place of marriage in Denmark,

- payment for living in Denmark,

- florist services,

- other services not listed in the price section.