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Documents for Marriage in Denmark

The most important thing in preparing for a wedding in Denmark is the documents. It's not only important to collect the correct necessary package of documents, it's important to prepare them correctly for further submission to the Danish Family Court. The receipt of permission for marriage registration in Denmark depends on this.

"Get Married in Denmark: Updated Information for 2024"

Couples of any religion, nationality, or age can apply for a marriage in Denmark. To ensure a positive outcome, couples must meet all the requirements set by Danish authorities and carefully prepare their application, including copies of all necessary documents for marriage (translations may also be required), and pay a fee of DKK 1650 (approximately EUR 230).

Requirements for couples and their documents are standardized, but it's important to keep in mind that different countries have different documents to certify the same legal event. For example, in Germany, a divorce certificate is not required, while a court decision in the divorce case is the main document. In Russia, on the other hand, a divorce certificate from the Civil Registry Office is the main document. In Germany, family status and residency are confirmed by a single document – an extended certificate of registration at the place of residency.

For those planning a wedding in Denmark, it's crucial to make sure all documents are in order before applying for a marriage. Whether you're looking to get married in Denmark or planning a destination wedding, make sure you have all the necessary information about the "marriage in Denmark" process, including the "documents for marriage in Denmark." With our updated information for 2023, you can make your dream wedding a reality.

Information about documents for Marriage in Denmark

- Valid passport or EU ID card,

- Valid residence permit, a valid Schengen visa or a Schengen entry stamp,

- Certificate of residence from the country of permanent residence (if you live / have been living together),

- Divorce decree/death certificate if divorced/widowed,

- Marital status certificate if you are divorced/widowed (not older than 4 months),

- If you have a common child / children - birth certificate of the child / children.

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IMPORTANT: The documents listed are a general guideline. Depending on a couple's personal situation, the Danish authorities may request any other additional documents. Certificates and certificates issued in EU countries, the US, Canada, and Turkey do not require further legalization (apostille stamp is not necessary). For other countries, original documents must be legalized by an apostille stamp or consulate legalization.

Register Marriage in Denmark

Quick and accessible solution

At our agency, we understand that each couple has unique needs and requirements when it comes to getting married in Denmark. That's why we take an individualized approach to our work, ensuring that we cater to each couple's specific situation.

Our team is well-versed in all the necessary requirements of the Danish authorities, including documents and potential additional requirements. This knowledge and experience allow us to confidently guide our couples through the process and ensure that their marriage applications pass the review with ease.

Additional Documents

Since January 2019, the country's legislation has changed. The requirements for those wishing to get married in Denmark have become stricter, the list of documents has been expanded, and the size of the government fee has increased. Now, in addition to personal documents, evidence of the couple's partnership relationship must also be provided.

This can include photos, joint travels, and much more - anything that can be accepted by the authorities as evidence of the reality of the relationship. The couple can receive a direct rejection if there are suspicions of the fictitiousness of the future marriage, and partners can also be invited to an interview in Denmark, which would then extend the document review process for several more months.

It should also be noted that Danish authorities are not as stringent when it comes to partners from countries in the European Union or couples who already have joint children.